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St Pete Underwater Club

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History of The Club

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About us

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The SPUC, as it is known, was founded in 1952 by an avid group of divers who shared a great enthusiasm for the sport of spearfishing. The St Pete Underwater Club is one of the oldest and best-known dive clubs in the United States. For over fifty years, club members have competed in and won National events, promoted and organized tournaments, and actively campaigned for fair legislation for divers and fishermen alike. We strive to educate the public, teaching that spearfishing is one of the most environmentally sound fishing methods.

We continue to work with fisheries managers, lending our first-hand knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico and its denizens.

Our proudest endeavor is the St Pete Open, which is hosted and run by our all-volunteer membership. The St Pete Open is the world's largest spearfishing tournament. Many of the largest fish ever entered in a spearfishing event have been brought in to the St. Pete Open. At a typical SPO, we enjoy the company of roughly 300+ participants, with spectators numbering in the thousands.

Our Officers

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Brent Kempton


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Justin Setchell

Vice President

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Steve Shelton


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Keith Ludwig


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